DESK’s customer bulletin

The year 2019 was good for DESK as our revenue and profits increased slightly. The volumes of products rose significantly, especially those of LCD displays. On the other hand, the decline in prices by as much as 25% muted the rise of revenue.

In all, we are satisfied with our last year’s performance. Special thanks go to everybody at DESK for the great achievements in winning new customers and delivering new services to them.

This year’s first quarter was excellent – our sales rose by 74%. The corona pandemic will most likely affect also our business during the rest of the year. Some deliveries have already been postponed towards the end of the year.

After the pandemic there will be obviously a great need to supply products and services that are now being postponed. We are preparing measures that help us deliver whether the time is right.

Our financial position is strong, and we are confident about the future.

Best regards

DESK Peaknet Oy

Lars Furuholm

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