Meeting room technology

Ways of working are changing. Additionally, each user prefers different equipment. This means the requirements for meeting and training rooms are growing.

At DESK, we closely monitor the trends in the sector, liaise with manufacturers, and research and test before introducing new technology.

Wireless video and audio transmission is a key part of meeting technology, not forgetting traditional cabling. As your technology partner, we’ll make sure your technology works.

This is how we provide you with meeting and conference room packages that are ideal for you:

1.     Audit of meeting rooms

We identify potential problems and, based on the audit, design the most appropriate solutions to optimise the space.

2.     Planning according to your needs

Working with our professional designers, we tailor our meeting rooms to your needs. In the design work, intelligent sound and image systems, acoustics, lighting, furniture, and other accessories are taken into account.

3.     Quality AV solutions

Video conferencing, audio and video systems or other needs are carried out professionally and efficiently.

4.     Installation and programming by a professional

Once the systems are designed, they are installed and programmed by skilled technicians to provide you with an efficient and easy-to-use meeting space.

5.     Comprehensive guidance and maintenance

Once up and running, we provide comprehensive guidance and maintenance to help you use your meeting room efficiently and smoothly.

Up-to-date meeting technology works both on-site and remotely.

Remote and hybrid work create new kind of demands on meeting and negotiation technology. We provide meeting and conference facilities that serve users regardless of location.

Read more about video conferencing equipment here.

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