Privacy Policy


Our company is committed to protecting your privacy and we want to actively communicate our policies for protecting personal information.

When processing personal data, we comply with Finnish laws and regulations on the protection of privacy.

  1. Registrar

    DESK Peaknet Oy, business ID 2609945-9 Hyttimestarintie 3, 02780 Espoo
    Tel. 020 744 3200

    The contact person for matters concerning the register is Elmo Väisänen, President and CEO

  2. Whose information do we process?

    We collect information from customers and potential customers as well as partners.

  3. What information do we collect?

    First name, last name, email address, phone number, company name, company website address, ip address.

  4. Why do we collect data?

    The personal data collected is used to maintain and manage customer relationships and to enable the contacts required by the service. In addition, personal information may be used for direct marketing.

    DESK Peaknet Oy collects personal information in order to make its customer service more smooth and personalized. We also collect a register of personal data from our newsletter subscribers.

  5. Where do we get the information?

    The register collects information about the person himself or herself and about the registers kept by the authorities or companies within the limits permitted by law.

  6. Who else processes your information?

    Your data is processed by the newsletter system and Google Analytics. Information will be disclosed outside the company only to the extent required for the delivery of orders and technical solutions. Data will not be regularly transferred or disclosed outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

  7. Use of cookies

    We use cookies
    Our website uses cookies. Cookies and the information collected through them are used to improve the efficiency and user-friendliness of the services. Cookies are used to collect information about how visitors navigate and behave on a website. The information obtained through cookies is anonymous in nature. However, within the framework of privacy legislation, information obtained through the use of cookies and other technologies may be combined with information obtained from the user in any other context. We ask your permission to use cookies when you visit our website. The cookies used on the site are classified into different categories. You can edit your preferences at any time in our site’s cookie settings or by changing your browser settings. You will find detailed operating instructions in this description.

    What are cookies?
    Cookies are small text files that a website stores in a user’s browser during a website visit. Cookies collect and store information that allows you to log in to the website, use the e-commerce Shopping Cart, and analyze your behavior on the website in order to improve the operation of the website.

    Third Party Cookies
    We use third-party cookies on the website. DESK Peaknet Oy uses platforms provided by third parties for digital communications, such as Facebook and Google Ads. These platforms use both first-party and third-party cookies and similar technologies to advertise and track advertising results. We use third-party cookies to understand and track how you browse different websites. We receive information about these cookies, but the information may also be used for other purposes specified by third parties.
    Third-party cookies found on our website are subject to that third party’s privacy policies.

    Various cookies
    We use cookies on our website to collect and analyze the performance and use of the website, to provide social media features, and to improve and customize content and advertisements. Here are details about the cookies we use.

    Essential Cookies
    These cookies are necessary to provide the core functionality of the website. The website will not work properly without these cookies, which are enabled by default. We do not need your consent to set these cookies, but you can disable them by changing your browser settings. Deleting cookies affects the operation of the website, so not all functions may work.

    Functional cookies
    Preference cookies allow a website to store information that allows us to customize the look or behavior of the website according to the user. Accepting cookies will improve your experience of website visits.

    Analytical Cookies
    We use analytical cookies to improve the website by collecting and reporting information about your use of the website. Cookies allow us to make the site even better and more user-friendly.

    Cookies We use marketing cookies to track visitors to our site so that we can target marketing with relevant ads that engage the visitor.

    Cookie management
    We will save your cookie selection for 12 months unless you cancel your consent. We will then ask for your consent again. If you make changes to the settings, the data will be saved for 14 days. You can edit your selected cookie settings at any time. At the bottom left of our site you will find a picture of the stroller. When you hover the mouse over the wheel, the text “COOKIE SETTINGS” will appear next to it. By clicking on the wheel, you can edit your previous selections. If you update your selections, we recommend that you update your browser for the new cookie settings to take effect. You may need to change your browser settings and manually delete cookies to clear your device from previously set cookies.

    Managing cookies in your browser
    You can manage your cookie settings in your web browser’s cookie management settings. You can find instructions on how to manage cookies in your browser on the browsers’ own websites. If you block all cookies in your browser settings, it may affect the performance of our website and your user experience. Blocking cookies may cause the website services to not work properly and some of the necessary functionalities may not work at all.

    Registry security
    Data is transferred over an SSL-secured connection and data is protected with usernames and passwords. Access to the data is limited to those persons employed by the controller or other specified persons who need the data in the course of their duties. These persons are bound by professional secrecy.

  8. Registry security

    Data is transferred over an SSL-secured connection and data is protected with usernames and passwords. Access to the data is limited to those persons employed by the controller or other specified persons who need the data in the course of their duties. These persons are bound by professional secrecy.