Smart locker

Smart lockers are rapidly gaining ground in various properties where short-term storage solutions are needed.

Smart lockers can be locked in a variety of ways. Different locking options include PIN code, RF-ID, NFC, weblink or traditional key. If required, the smart locker can also be integrated with a card payment terminal, making it easy to rent the locker, for example.

Smart boxes have many uses and can be used to solve a wide range of challenges or problems.

1.     Security

A smart lock can be operated with biometric identification, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition, so that only a designated person can open the lock.

2.     Ease of use

Smart lockers are easy and hassle-free to use. There is no need to deliver or collect keys when you have a smart locker.

3.     Downloadable

Some smart locker models even have built-in charging, so users can charge their mobile devices while they are in storage.

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