What efficient meetings and user-friendly spaces have in common? At DESK, we believe that when people feel comfortable at work and communicate with ease, it means effective business.

Discover our services; we offer a comprehensive service from technology mapping and design to equipment delivery, installation, and staff training.

Full service offering

We offer companies a full range of technology solutions for your company’s meeting and conference rooms.

What do we mean by full service?
  1. We map the current situation

What equipment does the company already have, is something new needed? You don’t necessarily have to buy new tech – often equipment problems can be solved by better installation, training, and compatible equipment.

  1. We design a package that supports your work

What are the needs of your staff? How can the equipment be made a natural part of the premises and the working day? Needs can change during the contract period, we live with the customer’s changing needs.

  1. We deliver and install a solution for your premises

We know the industry and know the best options for different needs. Find out more about our solutions here

  1. Guidelines for the use of equipment

You and your team don’t have to study manuals and YouTube videos. Our experts will come on-site to guide the users, summarising the most important instructions clearly and simply. We’ll also make sure your IT team is ready to solve the most common technical challenges. 

  1. Continuous support

We will help you remotely, on-site and in special situations, and ensure that important events run smoothly. 

  1. Remote management of equipment. We can quickly solve most problems remotely.
  2. If necessary, we will come to you to solve the problems.
  3. Before important events, we prepare for possible problems. Do you need an on-call person on site? When it’s an important event and you want everything to go smoothly, we’ll be there on call. 

Audit service

Our audit services provide a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your premises and technology. This makes it possible to identify areas of your work and daily life that need to be improved.

Why an Audit Service?

Clarity instead of complexity

Our auditing service provides a clear and accurate picture of the current state of your premises and technology. This helps you to see the big picture and enables more effective decision-making within your company.

Tailored development proposals

After a thorough mapping exercise, we deliver concrete suggestions for improvement and measures designed to meet your company’s needs and objectives.

More effective decision-making and resource management

The valuable information provided by our audit process reveal the current state of your business and offers new perspectives. This ensures that resources are allocated wisely, and the company is prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

This is how the audit goes:

  1. Mapping the situation
    We start the process with a comprehensive situation mapping, including an assessment of current technology, facility usage, and employee needs.
  2. Inventory and analysis of the current situation
    We will draw up a detailed inventory and carry out a thorough analysis of how the current facilities and technologies meet the needs of your staff. We also identify potential areas for improvement and ensure that resources are properly targeted.
  3. Proposal for development measures
    After a thorough analysis, we propose measures designed specifically to improve the efficiency and suitability of your premises for the needs of your employees.


Let’s design together an easy, functional and cost-effective meeting technology solution for your business!

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