Visitor management

Intelligent visitor management automatically takes care of visitors from the welcome message to check-in.

Naturally, the system also allows contactless check-in, leaving lobby staff time to concentrate on other tasks.

Intelligent visitor management systems are commonly used in business parks, offices, schools, hospitals and other institutions with a large number of visitors.

An intelligent visitor management system is of great benefit to both the company and the customer:

1.     Automatic arrival and action instructions for the customer

Visitor management systems send visitors information about their arrival and help them find their way to their destination at the right time and place. 

2.     Contactless check-in 

The visitor management system allows contactless check-in.

3.     Automatic notification to staff

The system can send automatic alerts to staff when a visitor arrives. Staff can also prepare the reception in advance, speeding up the visitor registration process.

4.     Secure data management

Intelligent visitor management systems help organisations manage visitors’ personal data securely. 

Visitor management systems are important for organisations that want to improve their visitor experience and enhance their security. 

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