Booking systems

Hybrid work and dynamic spaces have further increased the need for different types of space allocation systems in the workplace.

Whether you need to book a meeting room, retreat, sauna, car park, scooter or even a storage locker, DESK provides you with an easy and efficient system for managing your bookings.

Booking systems can be integrated with existing software or systems, such as Microsoft Office 365.

Reservation systems and door displays

The electronic booking calendar is easily accessible to everyone – the system recognises the programmes you are using and the summary screen shows the current overall status of your bookings.

The digital system makes managing room reservations easy and hassle-free – participants find the right place at once and the colour codes on the reservation screen tell you at a glance whether the room is free or occupied.

The digital booking calendar makes life easier in and out of the office:
  • Illustrative colours indicate the booking status
  • Allows ad hoc bookings
  • The system produces comprehensive reports on, for example, occupancy rates
  • Fault reports can be made from the space’s devices
  • The system integrates with many common back-end systems and enables multiparty payment transactions

Workstation or desk reservation system

With the easy-to-use reservation system, you can see from home what the office’s workstation situation is like, and easily reserve one for yourself.

The booking system makes it easier to plan working days and brings clear savings on fixed costs by optimising the occupancy of office space.

The workstation reservation system enables:
  • Remote booking of workstations
  • Presence sensors show the charge status in real time
  • Seat reservations

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