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Ilkka Karlsson

Sales Manager

“I turn the wishes and hopes of meeting technology into easy-to-use solutions”

At DESK, sales manager is sometimes the installer, sometimes the warehouseman and always the customer service officer. This versatile field of responsibilities is the strength of Sales Manager Ilkka Karlsson: “Both technical know-how and human touch are needed.”

How do you use your expertise to benefit your clients?

The core of my job is to simplify the wishful thinking around technology into easy-to-use solutions. When I listen to the customer, I build idea of what he or she wants and needs. Knowing our products and services thoroughly, I can suggest different solutions. Then we go through the suggestions together and discuss the options, and we always find the most suitable one.

What paths did you take to the position of DESK sales manager?

Prior to DESK, I worked at Telia for 21 years in sales and management. During that time, I saw the rise, vanity, and destruction of the ICT industry – everything related to the IT bubble and its outbreak. I started at DESK in 2016 and I have had a great time. My days include many tasks: I get to work as a sales manager, customer service officer, installer, and warehouse worker. Everyone does everything for the customer, although of course the responsibilities are defined.

What kind of work does a sales manager at DESK do?

Succeeding as a sales manager requires understanding, embracing, and anticipating new ways of working. It is very important to make the technical solution as easy to use and user-friendly as possible. Both technical know-how and human touch are needed.

What’s the future of workspace solutions?

Customers are increasingly buying technology as a service and procuring equipment, installation and maintenance from one place. We will also take care of recycling on behalf of the customer at the end of the device’s life cycle. Why buy the equipment for yourself when you can get a DESK service model where technology works, and you can focus on your own core business?

In technical solutions it seems that many larger companies will invest in, for example, studios and enable making professional podcasts or videos there. The digital revolution is reality in everything and everywhere.

What is the best thing about DESK?

The community. We are sales minded, of different ages and from different backgrounds. Some of us are experienced, some are young, but the common way of thinking and humour connects us – everybody’s jokes are equally bad.

What kind of personality are you? Describe yourself in three words.

Accurate, precise, and reliable. I’m rarely late for anything. Promises must always be kept.

How do you prefer to spend your free time?

If I could choose, I would spend as much time as possible in the western Finnish archipelago, in Korpo. I go fishing there with my friends. We have been making these trips since 1995! In addition, I do a lot of sports and exercise.

What is important to you in life?

My own and my children’s health. I take care of my own health by exercising in the nature.

What is the wisest thing you have ever heard?

“Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?” It’s a thought-provoking question for everyone.