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Elmo Väisänen


“Open discussion breaks the ice and leads to solutions”

Being CEO and a customer service expert, Elmo Väisänen loves to be direct and honest. At DESK, nobody works like a poker player – hiding information or capacity – but appreciating open discussion.

How do you use your expertise to benefit your customers?

At DESK, we are all tough professionals – and relaxed and approachable. We get paid for solving customers’ problems, and it is best done through discussion. Before proposing a solution, you need to know what is bothering the patient!

It’s quite simple: we analyse the situation in the customer’s work environment, recommend a suitable solution, implement it, and the customer gets a tailored answer to his or her needs. We do not offer the same standard model for everyone, because everything can be customized, including procurement, financing, and services. What is special about us is that we strive to combine the new ICT technologies with those that already exist on the premises. It is not always necessary to start everything from scratch.

What makes a good salesperson?

You have to be relaxed and honest. Tell the facts as facts, be open, and strive to help the client so that the relationship becomes more personal. My goal is that customers can contact us at DESK directly and efficiently at any time.

How did you become DESK’s CEO?

I was one of DESK’s founders in 2014, and at first I worked as a sales manager and later as a sales director. In 2019, I wanted to diversify my skills and look around a bit. I spent a couple of years at Samsung, where I worked as a development manager. In early 2021 I returned to DESK as CEO.

What is your guiding principle as CEO?

I want us all to have a great time at work. I have found that experts are most productive when they are feeling good and not under too much pressure. This is why I appreciate openness and honest feedback. In the daily life, it is good to receive thanks and respect as well as have situations where you can freely express your opinions.

Describe in three words what kind of person you are.

I am energetic, positive and talkative. No one is always nice, but I can’t be grim for a long time. I like to be at ease in all encounters, whether with friends, co-workers, or clients.

What makes you excited?

I love spontaneity and a can-do attitude. Good jokes, situation comics, or meeting a new person – it will always take me into good mood.

What are your hobbies?

I’m an avid golfer. The best day I can imagine is when I could go golfing and chat with clients at the same time. In addition, I follow keenly all kinds of sports and play floorball in an amateur team. The hobbies of my school-age children also keep me busy. I like to have my calendar full.

What is most important for you in life?

Family and friends. Co-workers are my friends. A good work atmosphere is hugely important, and I want to nurture it. I also value work-life balance. Sometimes it is a good idea to just take a break.