MPS Yhtiöt Oy (MPS)

MPS Yhtiöt Oy (MPS) is a Finnish company employing approximately 150 people and operating internationally. They are an expert in management, change management and strategic personnel solutions with almost 50 years of experience. MPS annually carries out more than 1,200 recruitment projectss, 5,000 personal assessments and, what is more, is involved in organizing training for more than 2.1 million people. MPS has offices in six locations in Finland.

When the corona pandemic hit the world in 2020, working changed at MPS, just as in most workplaces. People had to mova from office work to fully relying on remote connections. When the corona restrictions were eventually eased, a lot of thinking was done concerning how to get the empty offices back into use and attract the personnel – who had well adopted remote work –back to the offices. A major headache for MPS was the equipment level of the offices – it no longer reflected the new working life practices.

Revamping the office IT – from plan to practice

MPS made a careful comparison between four IT solution suppliers for their offices, and selected DESK Peaknet Oy.

“DESK’s clear support and maintenance services made the difference in the selection process. At DESK, the design work began by mapping out the client’s starting points and together we devised technology solutions suitable for MPS’s five offices in Finland, which support work and facilitate daily processes, MPS’s ICT expert Jussi Kärki sums up.”

MPS required the new equipment and its supplier to be compatible with the digital platforms used by the company. DESK designed and implemented versatile technology solutions for MPS’s premises, which facilitate the daily processes of the personnel. The change was remarkable. For example, previously there were eight video conferencing devices in MPS’s offices in Finland. After the update, their number increased to 40.

Seamless cooperation continues even after implementation

Familiarizing the personnel with the use of the devices is always an important part of the delivery. With it, the devices are connected to the staff’s activities in order to achieve the equipment’s full potential. DESK implemented hardware usage training for all MPS personnel, which was very important right from the beginning. DESK’s principles include taking care of comprehensive modernization of the equipment, and training is an important part of the process.

The large-scale technology modernization project of MPS’s Finnish offices started in the summer of 2021 and was fully completed in early 2022. Digital tools are strongly present in employees’ everyday work. With the help of this project, MPS facilitated the daily processes of the personnel and had a positive effect on the employees’ comfort in the workplace. After the fleet modernization project was finished, the cooperation between DESK and MPS continues with support, maintenance and development services.

“Our wishes have been genuinely listened to and we have received support and help from DESK whenever there has been a need, Kärki describes the cooperation.”

DESK’s services include continuous product maintenance and support services. Highly developed technology is often sensitive and sometimes even a single mistake can have a decisive effect on the whole. So problems may arise, but DESK also takes care of customers after the equipment has been delivered and installed.

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