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Stepping into Life Science Center in Keilaniemi, Espoo, a first-time visitor takes a deep breath. The foyer, polished down to the last detail, is filled with light and the brand-new surfaces in the meeting rooms invite the laptops of data workers.

Suddenly, the pale wall covering one of the meeting rooms becomes a transparent glass wall. A cheerful group of people emerge from the conference room, wave goodbyes to each other and go their separate ways.

Life Science Center supports businesses by looking after the well-being of employees

André Aho, Service Manager at Life Science Center, is clearly pleased with the expansion of the Technology Business Hub. The state-of-the-art facilities have been carefully designed to support business success and staff well-being.

Keilaniemi, an important business district in the capital region, combines office buildings and nature into an attractive whole. The same can be seen in Life Science Center, where sunlight floods through large windows into spaces decorated with earthy colours and materials.

There are no wires, speakers or other technical devices typical of a meeting room. The smart technology is seamlessly embedded in the space. The mind and thought process is truly opened up by keeping extraneous distractions to a minimum.

State-of-the-art equipment is a natural part of the whole

The minimalist, elegant meeting rooms have been completed on the new side of Life Science Center in March 2023, making full use of the AV equipment packages supplied by DESK. The space has been equipped with smart technology to facilitate and streamline work, while providing a versatile framework for a variety of work needs. 

– The needs of working life are changing and the demands placed on the premises have increased dramatically. At Life Science Center, we have invested in the dynamic nature of the facilities, which enables us to serve both remote participants and those present at the meetings, says Aho.

Life Science Center’s negotiation technology takes into account the different needs and levels of technical expertise of users. The negotiation and meeting technology provided by DESK is easy to use and straightforward to operate. Each piece of equipment supplied to the conference centre is designed to blend seamlessly into the premises and operations, making the user experience as pleasant as possible. 

“It was a no-brainer that we chose DESK as the supplier of the AV equipment for the meeting rooms. I found them to have the right cutting-edge technology to suit our needs and of course the expertise to create easy to use but impressive AV installations at the same time.” Aho sums up.

Usability supports your work

In addition to the new extension to the conference centre, the A2 auditorium underwent a transformation with the installation of an LED screen to replace the screen and projector combination. The sharp, easy-to-use presentation screen offers auditorium users convenience from both the performer’s and audience’s perspective.

– It’s important to keep up with developments and we want to be at the forefront of technology. It’s an important part of the meeting package and we want to be a pioneer in this area. It is also important to us that anyone in the region can come to Life Science Center to hold a meeting if they need to. The technology must then work easily, and the facilities must adapt to the needs of the user, Aho explains.

The cooperation between Newsec and DESK will continue, and Aho underlines the continuous development of Life Science Center. Staying on top of development does not happen by itself – it requires in-depth study of the subject area and continuous reaction.

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